After an exhaustive search for the right platform and template for my website, I realized I would have to take matters into my own hands.

As a creative who is passionate about minimal and modern design, as well as a need for creative freedom, I determined to design what I couldn't find—a chic and simple, yet robust, website to support a variety of business needs without compromising my own authenticity and tastes.

Working with creatives from around the world to strengthen their brand presence and make money doing what they love, I found that many struggled to put their creativity into a website design that was as unique as they were. To support you as a creative in showcasing your niche and gifts, I offer minimal and modern pre-conceptualized web designs. Check them out on my website designs here.

I help creatives solve their toughest life and business problems using their unique, innate design.

Thalia is a muse and creative design consultant. She studied performing arts and is a classically trained vocalist singing on stage with Jazz, Rock and Big Bands before designing her unique personality profiling tool and authentic business mapping program.

Having worked as a graphic designer, consultant, and accountant's assistant, and in a myriad of other preparatory fields of study, she opened her doors for business as a mentor and designer for other creatives looking for clarity and entrepreneurial guidance in 2011. In early 2015, she started Mogul Muse Magazine seeking to enhance the visibility of bold, rogue creative entrepreneurs and inspire the masses to embody their authenticity, becoming haunting examples of Living Art.

Thalia resides in Southern California with her husband of 23 years and their youngest son.

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