My philosophy is this: Every human being is unique and so should their lives and creative company's be. Simple enough.

But, the more complex issue is this: no one can be put into a psychological, business, or personality box. That makes the majority of traditional personality profiling, business and brand building, and marketing methodology obsolete, especially for creatives with their innovative minds and unconventional perspectives.

It's time for more sophisticated techniques. It's time to build your life and creative business from your personality up, instead of using templates and formulas that neither support your thought process and natural abilities.

You won't find a single "box" or template present in anything I do.

No matter how hard boxy sort of people try to force humanity into types—triangles, swirls, A's and B's, colors, numbers, seasons, and a myriad of template-based profiling and generic "success plans"—ultimately, boxes fail to support revolutionary, sophisticated creative beings, or anyone for that matter!

Creative people—artists, philosophers, visionaries, meta-physicists, spiritualists, actors, photographers, inventors, healers, performers, musicians, designers, etc—need to do things their own way to find both success and fulfillment. And, that's what I offer, the path and permission to do life and business things your way successfully.

With my own creative background in performing arts and music, and a myriad of other artistic accomplishments and interests under my belt—as well as a mind and passion for design, systems and structures—I offer other creatives an unusual, but effective bridge between traditional life and business building methodology, and innovative, out of the box, personality profiling that honors and supports your authenticity and creative integrity.

No generic templates allowed! You will truly be building who you are and what you do from scratch.

I help creatives solve their toughest life and business problems using their unique, innate design.